From online to the outside world

Turn your artwork into the design of your tumbler


Rollcanvas is a drawing app where the pictures that you draw in the app can become the design of your Starbucks tumbler. Not only can you publicly publish your artwork for the world to see online, but you can also show off your artwork to the people closest to you by carrying your designed tumbler around with you.


Two main features of our app


The biggest specialty of Rollcanvas is that both the right side and left side of the canvas are connected, and the art that you make on the canvas will transform into a fan shape that matches the shape of a tumbler. Print out your art, use scissors to cut it so that it fits inside your tumbler, and you have a tumbler with your own design!


Make your own artwork with our app


Rollcanvas has the following features: palettes, layers, brushstroke pressure, and resizing the canvas.